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Customer Letters



Dear Mr. Fulham,
My name is David Johnson. I live in Ogden, Utah, and own and operate a curbing business here in northern Utah. It was brought to my attention, by Robert Parrish, that you were looking into purchasing a curbing machine. Mr. Parrish also passed along an email that you had received from a competing curbing manufacturer and I wanted to take a minute to write you and give you some of my input.

Mr. Parrish was extremely troubled by the email and asked if I might read it and at least give you my experience and input concerning his machine and the curbing business in general.

We currently have three of Robert's 225 machines. We have done thousands of feet of curbing in this past year and have experience running his machine in a wide range of conditions and circumstances. We love running his machine and have been glad we chose his hydraulic auger unit over the other options we looked into.

Before purchasing any curbing equipment, we looked into many different brands and styles of machinery. After seeing the different machines run and seeing the product these machines produced, we were convinced that Roberts units were the right ones to purchase. After having seen the other machines extrued concrete, we were stunned at the quality of product that Bob's machines put out. I called my co-owner on the phone and told her I couldn't believe the product that was coming out of Bob's machine. After having spent two days in a training seminar and product demonstration with a ram driven curbing company, there was absolutely no comparison of the product that was coming out of Bob's machine and what I had seen with the other machines.

The pluses we have found with Bob's machine is that we can run a wetter mix, get greater compaction, run rock product, and get a more beautiful curb with his machine than with the other machines on the market. I have descrbed the concrete curbing that is extruded from Bob's machine as a "beautiful ribbon of concrete". That is the best way to describe it. It comes out in a beautiful wet ribbon and we couldn't be happier with the results. Bob's machines run on molds that have a bottom in them, rather than simply having a bottomless form that sits on top of the ground. Besides not having concrete squirt out from under these bottomless molds, the concrete in Bob's machines is forced through the mold channel, which gives it greater compaction(2500 psi(ram) to 4000-6000 psi(Bob's)) and produces a beautiful ribbon of concrete. It was truly stunning.

Bob is not a polished salesman, he is a concrete man. For me, that was a plus, not a negative. I did not want a salesman pushing some machine that didn't know what he was talking about. When I went to the ram company for their classes, they constantly criticized the auger driven units. All I had to do was see the product that was put out by Bob's hydraulic auger machine to know that their "talk" was simply an effort to sell their machine and keep us from looking elsewhere.

It appears to me, that this Curb Depot company simply purchased Bob's unit to see how it was put together, so that they could develope their own machines. The comment that the auger system needs to be run on asphalt or concrete surfaces is laughable at best and fraudulent at worst. I have never run Bob's unit on anything other than customers lawns after peeling away a pathway of sod. Thousands of feet on lawn after lawn. Why this person would make such an outrageous statement is beyond me.

Curbing is not as easy as turning on a machine and letting it go. It is a craft that has to be learned and perfected. I doubt Bob presented it in any other way to you.

I can say without equivocation, that I have found more success in my business because of meeting Bob than from any other source I have ever found. His thirty plus years down on his knees working concrete is something I have relied upon and valued. It has brought me more success than I would have ever dreamed. My decision to look past any rough edges with his style and tap into his knowledge and help was the best decision I ever made.

I apologize for the length of this email, but felt a need to at least give my perspective.

Best of luck with your endeavor into the curbing business and please feel free to call at any time if you have any questions as you start your business out, reguardless as to what machine you choose to buy.


Dave Johnson
Distinctive Concrete
1668 S. 1100 W. Ogden, UT 84401


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