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Customer Letters

See how our customers have benefited by our commitment to speed, durability and ease of use.

The following are letters from some of our satisfied customers. All letters are unsolicited.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent job in constructing a dependable, easy to use profitable curbing machine. We are going on our 4th year in business and still expanding.In hindsight it is easy to see that a big part of our success has been the model 207 curb machine.It can lay a very wet, smooth mix down at an incredible speed( a must to maximze profits especially on hot summer days).Thanks again Decorative Curbmaking Machines for a great curb machine and also great service after the sale for Job Materials & Accesssories.

Corby La Chat
Decorative Edge Curbing/ Anderson, IN

Dear Mr. Parrish:
I wish I would have heard of your company and products about six years ago when I bought my first curb machine. I'm not sure if you remember our conversation or not, but I'm the one that purchased a used Decorative Curb Machine from a company in Austin Texas. I am amazed at the difference your machine makes. I have been using a ram driven machine built by Curbmate and a double auger machine built by Kurb-King. I went from installing 250 feet a day to 400 feet a day. Your machine is so much faster and puts out a wetter product which makes it so much easier and faster to finish. I saw your new bullface style curb on your website, it is going to go over like gang busters out here, I can't wait to introduce it to this area. I'm sure I'll be so busy that you'll be receiving an order from me for a new machine sooner than I had anticipated. I've been using what I thought was the best machine in the industry, I was definitely misled. You're machine is definitely better engineered and mechanically sound. Not to mention more profitable and easier to operate. If you would like me to write a testimonial about your machine vs your competitions machines, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again for all your help and I wish you best of luck with all your new ideas.

Audon Lopez
Creative Curb/Austin, TX

Bob Parrish,
Just thought I would write you a quick letter to tell you how pleased we have been with your curbmaking machine. As we begin our third year of curbing, and so far it's been our busiest, we have just exceeded the 6-mile mark with your machine. To date, I have not had one breakdown or failure of any kind and your machine still fires upon the first pull!! We appreciate your attention to detail and the use of high quality components as you've perfected your machine. When we've had questions or needed hand tools, etc., your quick response and willingness to help have also been greatly appreciated. If we can be of help in any way to endorse your machine I would be very happy to do it. Tonya and I wish you continued success and look forward to many more years of providing the best decorative curbing that Box Elder County has to offer.

Thanks again!
Michael W.

Decorative Curb Making,
Having been in the curbing business for three seasons, we started comparing other businesses to ours for speed, quality, and appearance. We saw Decorative Curb Making equipment in operation and noticed how much faster and easier it was to finish the extruded material. We started out our business with Curb-King equipment. We found it necessary to change curb machines to your style machine if we were to compete with other businesses. We highly recommend the Decorative Curb Machine over the Curb-King for quality, performance, and appearance. Some reasons include: not being limited to electrical receptacles, able to run a wetter mix, mechanical durability (after running 1500' on a new Curb-King machine, we had a main gearbox failure). We were impressed to learn you would personally come out to deliver, setup, and show us how to best operate your equipment. We greatly appreciate what you did for us.

Rick I.
Alpine Lawn Curbing, Inc.

Bob Parrish,
I wanted to drop you a note telling you how happy we are with our Decorative Curbmaking Machine. It is easy to use, and produces a beautiful, quality curb. Many of the clients we have laid curb for, has previously used a different curb company to lay curb in their yards. When we lay our curb, they all comment on the noticeable difference in size and quality that the Decorative Curbmaking Machine makes, verses the competitors smaller, weaker curb. The machine truly offers what you say it does, and MORE. We have been extremely happy with the financial return that we have had on this business in the first year. It has by far exceeded our expectations. However, the most impressive thing is the service that you as a dealer provide with the sale of your equipment. You take great care of your customers. We appreciate your prompt help on any issues, problems, or questions that we have had with the business, and your personal training you gave us when delivering the machines. We would give your machine the highest recommendation possible.

Todd & Julie Ovard
J Custom Curbing

Dear Bob,
I've been running a model 207 Decorative Curbmaking Machine for three years now. Its a wonderful machine. We are able to do things with the Decorative Curbmaking Machine that cannot be done with the competitors machine. Your so called competitor Curb-King, has even used pictures of my work, done with your machine. THEY KNOW WHAT MACHINE TO USE TO GET A GOOD PRODUCT OUT OF. Thanks Bob, for all you do.

Harold Wise
Owner, AAA Reddi Curb

Mr. Parrish,
It's getting toward the end of our curbing season, and I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how much I appreciate what you and your Decorative Curbmaking Machine have done for me. This is the end of my 4th year doing edging with your machine and by far the best year financially for my company, "The Mower Bros". Last year when we came to you and put our heads together, trying to figure out what we could do different than every other curber, we came up with the idea to stamp the concrete edging. What have we done? It has changed my life. I've more than quadrupled my yearly income from the last few years. So far our biggest single day came this year in Morgan, UT. We did 901 feet of 2 color, stamped edging at $5.00 per foot. That's $4,505.00 in a single day!!! Bob, I Thank You for all the help and guidance over the last few years and look forward to the future your curbing machine has given me.

Kevin Bitton
Owner of "The Mower Bros"


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