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Model 225

Decorative Curbmaking Machine Model 225:
Separating the power unit from the extrusion head allows the extrusion head to easily maneuver without the weight of the power unit or vibration of the engine. The Power and Extrusion Head Units, connected by a set of hydraulic hoses encased in a protective sheath, include special wide pneumatic tires allowing positive and easy steering and keep the machine from sinking in soft soil.

The Model 225 consists of 2 separate heavy duty units; one Extrusion Unit (top picture) and one Power Unit (bottom unit).  The units are constructed of heat-treated abrasion resistant carbon steel, powdered, coated and chromed.

  • Engine: Honda IC (Industrial/Commercial), 11 HP Gasoline Engine
  • Hydraulic Pump, Tank, and Hoses (for connection to the Extrusion Head)
  • Locking front wheel to secure the unit in place on hilly or uneven terrain.
  • 2 Filters for Guaranteed Hydraulic Oil Protection

The Power Extrusion Head Consists Of:

  • Hydraulic Motor commercial quality high torque hydraulic motor
  • Operator Controls: Hydraulic Valve, Forward and Reverse with two speed system
  • Hopper, easy feed, extra wide, can be fed with a concrete truck
  • High Grade Steel Mold
  • Heat Treated, Abrasive Resistant; Carbon Steel Compaction Tube
  • High Grade Steel, Hard Faced Auger
  • Adjustable carriage, side to side, zero tolerance allows for extruding material right against existing objects.
  • Adjustable struts to keep the machine level on any terrain.
  • Productivity: 10 to 20 feet of concrete curb per minute, depending on mold used
  • Capable of producing 6000 PSI concrete providing the correct mix is used
  • The extrusion head weighs 75 lbs wet (including fluids)
  • Dimensions: length 32", width 23"










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