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Profits in Curbing

Financial Assumptions for a Landscape Business Operating the
Decorative Curb System

Number of linear feet per day: A three man experienced crew can produce approximately 600 to 1000 feet of curb per day.

Revenue per linear foot: Average revenue is $3.50 per foot.
(The low figure in the range is $2.85 per foot.)

Labor Costs: (Assumes owner is not part of the work crew, some owners pay by the hour, others pay by the foot only).

  • Forman/hand finisher at $10.00 per hr., or .20 cents per foot.

  • Mixer/prep person at $8.00 per hr., or .15 cents per foot

  • Machine Operator at $8.00 per hr., or .15 cents per foot

  • Optional laborer/wheelbarrow person at $8.00 per hr., or .15 cents per foot

Average labor cost is approximately .65 cents a foot based on $3.50 per foot, and approximately 750 feet per day.

Analysis Based on 750 ft of Curbing:

750 Feet at $3.50/ft $2,625.00
Material, Labor etc. 1.10 /ft* $825.00
Profit $1,800.00

*Costs per foot

  • Cement, sand, and mesh $.30

  • Fuel, Insurance, etc. $.15

  • Labor $.65

  • Total Expenses per foot $1.10

(Colored and stamped curbing can go for as much as $5.00 to $7.00 per foot, virtually doubling the price per foot charge while adding only pennies to expense. Keep in mind that unusual ground preparation/removal incur additional expenses)

Decorative Curb is not a franchise. You keep your profits!


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