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turfo KisCutter sod cutter, turfco sod cutter
Turfco KisCutter Sod Cutter

We will not be UNDERSOLD. We guarentee that we will beat Turfco Direct pricing.
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We have a limited supply of refurbished equipment.

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Inventory CLOSEOUT sale on all
Concrete Imprint Rollers.

Call us TODAY for pricing. 801-791-9330 Limited to stock on hand.

Concrete Imprint Rollers

We are so proud of our Concrete Imprint Rollers that we ask you to compare
our competition Walttools.com or Butterfield Color. We are selling the ORGINAL rollers and we believe our prices of
$150 for each roller, and $35 for the interchangable handle, will help your bottom line and help you
sustain your profit margin on each curbing job.

Why would you pay more for a reproduction imprint roller, than buying the original rollers for less money?
We have 20 years of history making these concrete imprint rollers. We are the original manufacturer.
We provide you with a lifetime warranty.

IR07 - Design Paver

Imprint Roller Handle

IR01 - Random Stone

IR013  - Rustic Cobble Stone

IR010 - Slate 

IR04 - Soldier Coarse

IR06 - Sun

IR05 - Rustic Cobble Brick

IR03 - Wind Drift

IR012 - La Jolla

IR02 - Hex Tile

IR014 - Wind Drift Paver
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