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Step 2

Use the Best Equipment

Why I selected the Decorative Curbmaking Machine?

By Ted Willich Owner Big Sky Curbing

I have always believed that to produce quality products you need to use the best equipment. I made a decision that I would buy the best curbing machine and buy a less expensive truck to pull my equipment.

Here's how I arrived at my decision as to who had the best curbing machine.

  1. I conducted a search on the Internet to find who made curb machines. I found that their were only about 4 or 5 companies selling curbing machines.

    Kwik Kerb, Curbmate, Curbking, and Decorative Curbmaking Machines. It looked like Kwik Kerb, Curbmate, and CurbKing all sold machines that worked and looked almost Identical. So I quickly narrowed my choices down to Curbmate or Decorative Curbmaking Machines.

  2. I contacted owners of the two machines and found out what they liked and disliked about their machines. I asked a lot of questions about their business practices and productivity. I watched both machines in operation.

    I purchased a Decorative Curbmaking Machine because it was the clear cut leader in all of the criteria I was using and had advantages I hadn't even considered.

Here are some of the factors that swayed my decision:

  • The Decorative Curbing Machine passed the visual inspection. Just looking at the available machines it was obvious to me the the Decorative Curbmaking Machine was built with higher quality parts.

  • The company I observed using the Decorative Curbmaking Machine laid 330' in 1.5 hours and the company I observed using the Curbmate put down 350' in 6 hours.

  • The Decorative Curbmaking Machine was powered by an 11 hp Honda Engine using a Hydraulic System and all of the other machines had less powerful systems.

  • The Decorative Curbmaking Machine could use aggregates up to 3/4 inch and the other machines couldn't.

  • The Decorative Curbing Machine allowed the operators to run a much wetter mix, which was easier to finish.

Step 3 - Install the Best Product


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