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Step 3

Install the Best Product

Install the Best Product

By Ted Willich owner Big Sky Curbing

The easiest and fastest way to build a successful business is to do quality work and provide great service.

The Decorative Curbmaking Machine will help you install the best curb product on the market. Installing the best product is the kind of service your customers want.

I was purchasing some wood at the building supply center the other day and made a comment about not being a very good carpenter. The gentleman helping me commented, "The difference between a good carpenter and a bad carpenter is the type of tools they use."

Boy how true that is.

I got to thinking about my curbing business and I realized that I was lucky to own a Decorative Curbmaking Machine. My only competitors in the area are using a different concrete curbing machine and they simply can not produce the same quality of product.

Here are just a few things I can do that they can't.

- I can install curbing with a high PSI. I have a hydraulically powered auger that can put down 10 to 15 feet of 6000 PSI concrete curbing per minute, depending on the mold being used.

- I can set up and install up to 1000 ft a day, providing same day service on almost every job.

- My competitor has to mix material very dry making installation and finishing more difficult as well as causing extruded material to break and weather poorly from lack of good compaction. Curbing produced by their concrete curbing machine starts deteriorating in as little as two to three years.

- I can produce a "True Concrete Curb," because my machine allows me to use aggregates of up to 3/4 inch. While the wetter mix allows the concrete to cure better and less cracking occurs on hot summer days. I can also do profitable exposed aggregate jobs, difficult to do if your concrete curbing machine can not run aggregates.

- The wetter mix and the constant movement of the auger in the Decorative Curbmaking Machine® means less work is needed in the finishing phase and gives the curbing a smoother look.

What an advantage the right equipment has given my business. My customers are happy, they send referrals, and my business is growing quickly. My competitor will never produce as good of product unless they change machines.

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