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Step 4

Decorate Your Curb!
By Ted Willich owner Big Sky Curbing

I was taking a walk one day and I started to notice similarities in landscape design. I noticed on one street that every home was using railroad ties for retaining walls. The next street every home was using landscape bricks for retaining walls, and on the third street everybody was using giant rocks for retaining walls.

That's when a sledge hammer hit me over the head! Landscaping is a monkey see monkey do business. The average home owner has no idea how to landscape. They just copy their neighbor.

I walked by 67 homes and noticed that 51 of them had installed landscape curb. They all had the same style. It was the traditional mower style.

That day I made a decision that I would start a landscaping business installing decorative curbing. I would focus my business on installing the highly profitable colored and stamped curb.

Here was my logic. Neighbors tend to copy landscape ideas. I could install plain curb for 3.00 a foot, or I could install colored and stamped for 5.50 a foot.

I would rather make 5.50 a foot. So I pushed colored and stamped work. My first 25 jobs, I only intalled plain curb 1 time.

My jobs came from referrels. The people saw the type of curb I installed for their friends and that's the type of curb they wanted. I consistently made more money on each job, because I decorated the curb.

The Decorative Curbmaking System has several stamp rollers available. I would recommend that you purchase a few and start putting some serious profits in your curb business.

Step 5 - Stick to Your Business


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