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Step 5

Stick to Your Business
By Ted Willich owner Big Sky Curbing

Several years ago I started an Internet business with a friend of mine. We started the business with a few good ideas and since we were limited in capital we worked from our basement. The business initially started out pretty well.

We had a system that helped small companies sell products online. Some of our customers started to ask us to design their sites. Then some asked us to market their sites. Others wanted to know about this and that. We couldn't turn the work away so we started to add all of these services.

Pretty soon our simple profitable business was becoming complex and unprofitable. We did not build our foundation well enough, before expanding the business.

You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with curbing. When you start doing curbing work some of your customers are going to ask you to do sprinklers, level the ground, plant flowers, mow their lawn etc. You will be tempted to do the work.

Stick to Your Business! Be the best curb installer around, refer the other work to landscapers who do that work, and get them to refer curb to you.

You will build a profitable business faster by becoming the best at what you do, not by being mediocre at a lot of things.


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