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Turfco KisCutter Sod Cutter

We will not be UNDERSOLD. We guarentee that we will beat Turfco Direct pricing.
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Congratulations, you are looking at the BEST CURBING Equipment in the Industry!

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Home of the "True Concrete" Hydraulic Curb Making Machine
Landscaping is one of the "Fastest Growing Industries" in the world with "Concrete Curbing" becoming an integral part of the industry!

Easy to Use
Minimal EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Even with little or no concrete experience, the Decorative Curb making Machine� is designed for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro. Easy to operate and maintain, you'll quickly become an expert producing quality concrete curbing that can sell itself.



Watch the video to the left and judge for yourself. Check out the SPEED, Quality, ease of running and material compaction. The quality of the product speaks for its self. If the VIDEO does not run click here

Do you find yourself daydreaming about starting your own business, working for your own future instead of someone else's? At Decorative Curb making Machines we do not just manufacture curb machines, we manufacture the opportunity to realize that future. And because we are NOT a franchise, you keep your profits. For most of the independent owner/operators of our machines, the pay back on the initial equipment outlay is made in less than one summer. Imagine, a lucrative business, independently working your own hours, and with the exception of the cost of materials, realizing almost 100% of your profits in just a few months. Then imagine making enough money in the summer months to be able to comfortably live and take the winter off to do whatever you like. How many business opportunities can offer that kind of return??

Watch the video to the right to see the versatility of our 225 machine that allows you to place curbing where other machines could only dream of. If the VIDEO does not run click here

Homeowners are taking an ever increasing interest in the importance of what a beautifully landscaped yard can do to enhance their surroundings and investment. In addition, with growing environmental concerns and the increased emphasis on restoring vegetation along with new requirements incorporating landscape design into all commercial developments, the need for new innovative landscapers is in great demand. Innovations that include permanent concrete curbing. Curbing strong and functional enough to withstand a commercial installation and at the same time add an attractive finish to the project. The DecoCurb curb machine meets, then exceeds these requirements.

The patented auger system continuously delivers concrete to the mold utilizing 100% of the machines positive energy. This type of system produces 10 to 15 feet of product per minute. The older plunger type system used in other curb machines only utilizes 50% of the machines positive energy, losing 50% returning to pick-up material, producing only 2 to 3 feet of product per minute. Since curbing is priced by the foot, the increased productivity of our machine means increased income. We also use a gasoline engine, eliminating the requirement of electricity and the added aggravation of tangling with electrical cords. (For additional information, click on the About Us tab) 15 years in the business along with the continuous innovation and development always going on at Decorative Curb making assures the owners of our machines a future of new products, improvements and opportunities. We have taken concrete curbing to an art form.

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